Today's top talent hold culture as a high priority in their job requirements, but healthy cultures aren't easy to come by. That's unfortunate, because a strong company culture leads to better engagement, lower turnover, more productivity, greater communication, a positive environment, and a better reputation for the company. 

My passion for company culture and internal communication has led me to research it extensively, and share my learning through writing and consulting. I've also had the opportunity to interview leading experts on culture, including Jason Fried (CEO of Basecamp), Mark Levy (Head of Employee Experience at Airbnb), Christa Foley (Senior Manager of HR at Zappos), Claude Silver (Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia), and Daniel Weinand (Co-Founder & Chief Culture Officer at Shopify). 

At the core of my learnings is the belief that culture extends far beyond pingpong tables and beer Fridays. Those are fun extras, but frankly, aren't what attract (or keep) the best teammates. What will are strong shared values, a sense of purpose, excellent communication, a coach approach to leadership, and a workplace where people are recognized as more than replaceable task-doers. 

I believe culture starts with the values, beliefs and why of a company, then reaches into internal communication and team dynamics, and eventually touches everyone from stakeholders and customers, to the public and media. 


  • Purpose and "why" identification
  • Values, mission, and vision co-creation sessions 
  • Identifying and leveraging individual and team strengths
  • Goal setting and accountability strategies
  • Building courage and confidence
  • Applying principles of positive psychology
  • Mindfulness practices for the workplace
  • Conflict management and mediation
  • 360 reviews